MLGW Now Hiring - Full-Time Temporary for GIS Position

Organization:  Memphis Light, Gas and Water


Location:  Memphis, TN


About:  MLGW is the nation's largest three-service municipal utility, serving nearly 431,000 customers. Since 1939, MLGW has met the utility needs of Memphis and Shelby County residents by delivering reliable and affordable electricity, natural gas and water service.  As part of that service, the Land and Mapping Area maintains the GIS land database to assist with utility design. Under the umbrella of L&M, our Address Assignment section is responsible for maintaining a structured addressing system throughout Shelby County which is used by MLGW, E-911, City and County Governments, USPS, and others. 


Position:  Full-time temporary working as a GIS Technician on a team responsible for maintaining the GIS land database and issuing addresses for the purpose of utility design.


Job Summary: 

·         Responsible for maintenance of MLGW's land database using ArcGIS.  Includes data content analysis, validation, cleansing, collection, and reporting.  Layers maintained include streets, lots, addresses, buildings, parking, etc.

·         Create maps. Respond to data inquiries from managers and customers and perform other GIS related functions. 

·         Read and interpret civil and architectural engineering drawings, legal property descriptions/surveys.  

·         Review residential and commercial development plans for acceptance.

·         Review and suggest street names for new and revised developments in accordance with guidelines. 

·         Assign addresses to land parcels, structures, and other features in accordance with ordinances and guidelines.

·         Follow written and verbal instructions and data specifications.

·         Communicate with customers, local govt. agencies, developers, contractors, engineers, etc. via phone and email communication.

·         Assist with research and problem solving. 


Key Qualifications:

·         Minimum of 2 years college coursework in Geography or GIS, Engineering or Eng. Technology, Computer Programming/Technology or Math

·         Knowledge and experience using survey data/information and coordinate systems

·         Knowledge and experience using ESRI ArcGIS software for analysis and or editing

·         Experience using AutoCAD (preferred)

·         Knowledge and experience using Microsoft Office Suite Applications such as Word and Excel.

·         Internet research skills and experience

·Analytical skills

·         Good verbal and written communication skills

·         Able to work either on a team or independently when required.

·         Self-driven

·         Detail oriented

Interested in applying? Send resume to or to the address below.   

Mail Resume to:


Land and Mapping (ST/01-126)

PO Box 430

Memphis, TN